Taking responsibility: Ferrero and marketing

Taking responsibility: Ferrero and marketing

 Ever since Ferrero first started making its premium products more than 70 years ago, we have been committed to acting responsibly. We have three core nutritional principles which underpin everything we do. Firstly, that it is essential to eat a varied diet. Secondly, eating in moderation is very important. Lastly, that we should encourage people – and young people in particular - to be physically active every day. We work hard to ensure that these principles are reflected in all of our advertising and marketing campaigns – both in store and online - particularly in reinforcing messages around enjoying our products in moderation by showing the correct portion sizes being enjoyed.

Importantly, we have put safeguards in place to ensure that our advertisements reach the right audience. This means making sure that all advertising and marketing communications concerning our food products are directed primarily to the adults who make the household purchasing decisions, never to children. We believe that parents play a crucial role in educating their children on a balanced diet and a healthy and active lifestyle and responsible marketing can help them make informed choices.

In the UK, regulation requires that HFSS products are not advertised around programmes that have been commissioned for, or are likely to appeal to those under the age of 16. You also won’t find our advertising or marketing promotions in educational or children’s magazines. In addition, we apply the strictest code of conduct to ourselves that goes beyond what is required of us by law. Existing guidelines in the UK for example, refer only to broadcast and non-broadcast advertising. Yet in those areas outside of the scope of regulation, we apply these rules across all channels of communications.

We are proud to be a signatory to a number of international voluntary pledges, including the IFBA (International Food & Beverage Alliance) Global Policy on Advertising and Marketing Communications to Children and the EU Pledge on advertising and marketing. We are also supporters of the Media Smart initiative, a media literacy programme that teaches school children about how marketing and advertising works and is supported by the UK government and the European Commission.

Marketing and advertising play an important role in informing consumers and promoting competition in the marketplace. But they can only do this on the basis of responsible communication, to which Ferrero is thoroughly committed.