Focus on: Ferrero Rocher

Focus on: Ferrero Rocher

Ferrero has always been a family business and it was Michele Ferrero who created the classic Rocher. He spent five years painstakingly perfecting the recipe with a trademark level of care and attention to quality that continues throughout the business today. The Ferrero Rocher was launched across Europe in 1982 and in the United States in 1985, and the small, spherical praline became an instant favourite.

This unique treat is made by encasing a whole hazelnut and smooth praline filling in a round wafer shell, then coating the shell in smooth milk chocolate and finely chopped hazelnuts. Ferrero rigorously taste tests every new supplier’s raw ingredients, and employees monitor each batch to detect any imperfections, from cracks in the wafers to inconsistencies in the chocolate. Once out of the factory, Ferrero Rocher should be kept at room temperature and eaten within eight months – though for chocolate lovers, they’re unlikely to last quite that long!

The Golden Experience

Ferrero Rocher quickly became an icon of affordable luxury within chocolate confectionery thanks to its strong visual identity: the inimitable golden wrapper, the distinctive paper cup and the transparent, original box. Indeed, this box, which enables the content to be completely visible, surprised consumers and revolutionised the boxed chocolate market in the 80's. Since then, slight changes have been made to the box over time, but always remaining faithful to its original style. Our beautiful golden displays in shops are yet another execution of this bold visual identity and have been wowing consumers up and down the country for years.

Ferrero Rocher has had many iconic on-screen moments – the most recent being our ‘Make your moments Golden’ campaign. First launched in 2014, the advert showcases the layers of taste and textures that make the famous Ferrero Rocher so unique and highlights the quality ingredients that go into each chocolate. ‘Make your moments Golden’ continues to be a firm advertising favourite, with its appearance on screens reminding everyone to make their own moments more special with a little help from the delicious Ferrero Rocher.

Today, the Ferrero Rocher factory in Piedmont, Italy creates 16,000 chocolates every minute, continuing to fulfil Michele Ferrero’s dream: premium, quality confections for all!