Going above and beyond for responsible hazelnut farming

Going above and beyond for responsible hazelnut farming

 Hazelnuts are a key ingredient for us at Ferrero – you can taste them in many of our trademark products including Nutella, Ferrero Rocher and Kinder Bueno. In fact, 25% of the world’s supply of hazelnuts goes into making our products. That’s why we make it our responsibility to make sure our hazelnuts are sustainable and ethically sourced, and we strive to meet the highest quality standards.

About hazelnuts

Hazelnuts come from hazel trees, which grow in Mediterranean climates. Turkey in the Black Sea is the world’s largest producer of hazelnuts, but supply can also be found in Italy, including the Langhe region in Piedmont where Ferrero was founded. Ferrero's expertise and tradition with this fruit go all the way back to our roots in Italy, although nowadays we source from nearly every continent.

The hazelnut has a smooth, brown shell that encloses the edible kernel and, while we prefer our hazelnuts to be mixed with chocolate, the kernel can be eaten by itself raw, roasted, ground into a paste or in the form of hazelnut oil.

Putting traceability at the heart of our supply chain

As one of the largest hazelnut users globally, we are committed to leading the way in sustainable hazelnut sourcing. That’s why we’ve made a firm commitment to achieving 100% traceability in our hazelnut supply chain by 2020 – this means knowing that every hazelnut we use is of the finest quality and farmed responsibly.

Our Ferrero Farming Values programme is being rolled out across all of our hazelnut-sourcing countries in order to do just that. The programme helps farmers transition to responsible and socially sustainable agriculture practices by offering technical assistance and expertise, as well as giving them the skills and knowledge they need to increase yields. However, our drive for excellence doesn’t end there – we want to be even closer to our hazelnut supply chain and the production of this key ingredient.

The Ferrero Hazelnut Company was created with the aim of bringing together all parties operating within our hazelnut supply chain under a single organisation. Having a totally integrated food supply chain model will help us to meet our target of 100% traceability.

To meet growing demand, the Ferrero Hazelnut Company has established six Hazelnut-Agricultural Companies in Chile, Argentina, South Africa, Georgia, Australia and Serbia to ensure a counter-seasonal supply of hazelnuts and year-round freshness worldwide.

As well as overseeing our pilot farms and nurseries, the Company is also championing innovation in sustainable farming, with intense research programmes led by scientists at our dedicated hazelnut research facilities and through collaborations with important research bodies and universities.

Going above and beyond for responsible hazelnut farming

We want to be an agent for change within the hazelnut farming industry. In 2015, we launched our Ferrero Hazelnut Awards. The Awards provide recognition for innovation in hazelnut sourcing and production. We trust that our efforts in financing research in this way represents a strong incentive for brilliant minds to put their ideas and studies on hazelnut farming into practice.

Want to learn more about Ferrero’s hazelnut initiatives and other responsible initiatives? Visit our CSR page.