Kinder + Sport: an introduction to our flagship activity programme

Kinder + Sport: an introduction to our flagship activity programme

We’re extremely proud of Kinder + Sport which is our flagship activity programme. It forms part of our global social responsibility commitments and is one of our most exciting initiatives. Designed to get children moving by encouraging dynamic play and sports amongst young people and their families, we have already moved over 15 million children in 27 countries around the world.

As childhood obesity levels continue to rise across Britain, Ferrero recognises it has a responsibility to take positive action to promote nutritional education and build awareness of the importance of a balanced diet and active lifestyle amongst children. That’s why, in 2013, we launched Kinder + Sport in the UK.

Ferrero’s nutritional beliefs are founded on three principles which are reflected in the Kinder + Sport initiative:

• It is important to eat a balanced and varied diet: there is no such thing as a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ food in itself, only good and bad diets
• Eat in moderate quantities: small portion sizes allow people to enjoy their favourite foods as part of a varied diet
• Be physically active every day: it is particularly important to engage children and young people to participate regularly in sporting activities

In the UK, Kinder + Sport includes the flagship + Sport Move & Learn programme, a bespoke schools-based project, as well as sponsorships of national children’s tournaments including the Kids Cup and Girls Cup, and Futsal Cup.

We are delighted to see our work grow significantly in scale and impact every year; combined, the Kinder + Sport initiatives reached over 51,000 children in the academic year 2015 -2016, and we have already moved over 100,000 children since setting up in the UK.

We’ll be posting further updates giving you insights into every area of the Kinder + Sport programme, and let you know about the impact it is having on children near you.

Note: participants in the Kinder + Sport programme are never exposed to product or product marketing.