Corporate social responsibility has been at the heart of the Ferrero business since its creation and is inherent in everything we do.

Our motto ‘work, create, donate’ was introduced by Michele Ferrero, the second generation of the Ferrero family, and remains core to the business today. It is expressed in our attitude to CSR, where caring for both people and planet is front and foremost. This includes providing help and support to the local community.

Our contribution to local communities and our role as a good neighbour is an example of how we have Quality at Heart.

With this in mind, and governed by our three core nutritional principles, Ferrero aims to help and support communities with leading a more balanced and physically active lifestyle, which we believe is central to feeling happy and fulfilled.

A balanced lifestyle at the heart

Our global CSR programme, Kinder + Sport, inspires active lifestyles among children. In the UK, we started in Watford where our first offices were located, with an activity that was important to the community; football. In 2013, we worked with Watford Football Club to deliver an educational initiative to primary schools in the surrounding community. Following a successful pilot, we began a partnership with the English Football League Trust (EFLT) to develop a project called Joy of Moving Move and Learn that football clubs would deliver to schools throughout the UK and Ireland. The project is delivered in Scotland through the Scottish Professional Football League Trust and in Ireland through the Football Association Ireland.

The Joy of Moving Move and Learn project has been specially designed by sports and nutritional experts to increase levels of physical activity, promote nutritional education and build awareness of the importance of a balanced diet and active lifestyle among children. Over a six-week period, children get to play football, handball and dodgeball with coaches from local football clubs, as well classroom learning about nutrition, hydration and the importance of being active.

We are further building our partnership with the EFLT and this summer will launch the Joy of Moving Festivals. These festivals use a new methodology to show the value of physical activity in children’s lives. The Joy of Moving Festivals will be a series of games and fun activities to help children develop in four major areas: physical fitness, motor (bodily) coordination, cognitive functions and creativity, and life skills. The Joy of Moving helps children grow and develop by applying values learned through sport and movement in everyday life, such as interpersonal communication, self-esteem, respect and loyalty. All values we uphold in the Ferrero business.

We now work with 30 football clubs to move more than 70,000 children across the UK and Ireland. But our ambition doesn’t stop there, we are looking to continue to build on our flagship CSR project and also celebrate our five year partnership with the EFLT. We are proud that globally we reached 4.4 million children in 28 countries worldwide through our Move & Learn and Joy of Moving Festivals programmes.

For more information on Ferrero’s Quality at Heart initiative, please visit: www.ferrero.co.uk/introducing-quality-at-heart

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