Quality at Heart: Our approach to responsible consumption

Quality at Heart: Our approach to responsible consumption

Quality at Heart: Our approach to responsible consumption

At Ferrero, we make unique high-quality products that help people to enjoy and celebrate life’s special moments.

We care about the responsible consumption of our products and, in line with our global nutritional principles believe that everyone can enjoy their favourite Ferrero products in moderation. We believe that all foods can be eaten in small portions, as part of a balanced and varied diet, combined with a physically active lifestyle.

Our dedication to portion size

Creating small, individually wrapped portions has been at the heart of Ferrero for over 70 years. Small portions help people to enjoy their favourite treats as part of a balanced and varied diet and in fact 60% of consumers agree that small individually wrapped portions help them manage their calorie intake. We know this approach is important and that is why over 93% of our products come in portions of less than 150 kcal.

We aim to help consumers make informed choices and always endeavour to communicate responsibly. That’s why we have clear nutritional information on pack and in the UK, our Nutella jars feature a sticker on the lid which visually represents the recommended portion size (15g) as one heaped teaspoon. 89% of consumers agreed that the visual depiction was helpful to understand the right portion.

We also take care to show our products being consumed in moderation in all our advertising and marketing communications whether it’s a bar of Kinder chocolate, a Ferrero Rocher or a heaped teaspoon of Nutella.

Working in collaboration

We know that it is key that we work in collaboration to drive meaningful change. In 2015 along with our industry peers, we voluntarily put in place a 250-kcal limit on all single serve chocolates. Since then along with other industry partners, we have launched Be treatwise, a new labelling and awareness campaign encouraging people to keep treats as treats.

We are also active members of the BNF, which helps educate the UK on nutrition in actionable and engaging ways and we work in partnership with the Food and Drink Federation to raise awareness of our nutritional principles.

But our approach to responsible consumption doesn’t stop here, we also believe it is important to be physically active every day.

Encouraging active lifestyles

Through our Joy of moving programme, we help to inspire and encourage the communities in which we operate to get active. Our programme is based on a unique methodology designed to inspire children to move through play, capturing the fun approach- which we know is key. The methodology was established by independent experts, including Foro Italico (Rome University) and the Italian Olympic Committee (CONI) and focuses on developing key skills in four major areas:

• Physical fitness
• Motor coordination
• Cognitive functions & creativity
• Life skills

In the UK, the Joy of Moving Programme is an unbranded CSR project delivered through our long-term charity partnership with the EFL Trust. The programme consists of two elements; the Move & Learn project and the Joy of Moving Festivals.

The Move & Learn project aims to inspire 9-10-year olds to get physically active and enjoy movement. Over the course of six weeks children learn in school, through fun games inspired by the Joy of moving methodology, about the importance of physical activity and balanced diets based on the Eatwell Guide.

The Joy of moving Festivals take place during the summer term in schools across the UK, where children of all ages develop life skills including communication and teamwork by learning through play with easy, simple and fun Joy of moving games.

Since the introduction of the programme over 340,000 children have taken part and we have delivered nearly two million additional hours of learning in schools.

We have also launched our Joy of moving Resource Hub, to help inspire and support parents to get their families active with free games and activities.

Looking ahead

We feel privileged that our brands like Nutella and Kinder have become family favourites across the UK. With this comes a responsibility to make products that have quality at heart – delivering not only great taste but products that are produced in line with our nutritional approach and principles.

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