10 ways to keep kids moving this summer!

10 ways to keep kids moving this summer!

British children are some of the most inactive in the world; one in five will be classed as obese before they turn 11. While most parents believe it’s important to keep kids active, in a study by Ferrero and Leeds Beckett University, 75% of families reported that busy lifestyles get in the way. With so many temptations inside the home, it can be difficult for parents to persuade kids to go outside and get active – and even trickier to know exactly how much physical activity is enough.

That’s why we launched our global Joy of Moving programme in 2005, aimed at promoting active lifestyles among young people all over the world. We know that being active contributes to a child’s physical development and education, which is why we are trying to spread the ‘Joy of Moving’. This philosophy is both our motto and method for physical activity. Every activity that a child takes part in through the Joy of Moving programme will contribute to the development of at least one of the following areas: physical fitness, motor coordination, cognitive function and creativity, and life skills.

We know all about the importance of getting kids moving – so, with the summer holidays upon us, here are some top tips for keeping kids active and making the most of the break.

1. Play the ‘helicopter game’. Developed by our Joy of Moving experts, the helicopter game develops power, agility and coordination. Spin a long rope across the floor in a propeller motion as your child jumps over. Perfect for the garden or park! Click here to see an instructional video.

2. Try a new sport. The longer summer holiday is the ideal time for kids to learn a new sport. Free courses in tennis and football are common in local parks, while summer camps offer a host of fun, team-based activities. Your child will make friends, and you’ll get to meet other parents. Facebook is a great way to find out what’s going on in your local area.

3. Journey of discovery. Museums are brilliant for getting children moving around and excited about learning something new. As well as offering free entry, very useful at this time of year, most have child focussed activities and specially designed exhibits to keep little ones occupied. Plus, your child will have something inspiring to tell their classmates about when they return to school. Click here for some museum ideas.

4. Swim outdoors. If you’re ready to embrace British summertime, why not take the kids for a swim in the nearest outdoor pool or lido? It might not be Marbella, but you’ll make some great memories all the same!

5. Time to get together.
When the British summer skimps on sunshine, the Joy of Moving game ‘moving in time’ is a great way to keep kids entertained inside. From different starting points, children must cooperate to reach a common goal, such as sitting on a chair simultaneously. Click here to see ‘moving in time’ in action.

6. Fly a kite. Kite-flying is a lovely way to immerse your child in the great outdoors – it can take a little practice to keep a kite air bound, but the satisfaction when you do is worth it! Find an open space and a light breeze to run around in.

7. Play the ‘no loser’ tag game.
The Joy of Moving variation of this classic game tests mental flexibility. Children play in numbered pairs, one odd and one even, and when their numbers are called out they must chase the other. Click here to see an instructional video.

8. Have a mini Olympics. Using play equipment and face paints for different countries, get creative and help your kids come up with their very own sports tournament. Our Joy of Moving games are a great starting point for ideas. And don’t forget to make foil medal prizes to boost their Olympic spirit!

9. Hunt for nature. Going for an ordinary walk in the park or woods may not appeal to kids, but introduce some natural treasures to find and you’re on to a winner. Ask them to find the wonkiest tree, biggest bird or prettiest flower.

10. Go on a bike ride. What better time of year is there for a cycle than in the summer? It’s the perfect way to explore the great British countryside. Whether you use your own bike or hire one, two wheels are a great way to have fun and exercise at the same time.

We hope these tips helped spark some ideas! At Ferrero, we’re committed to getting kids moving and helping parents to do the same, which is why we support the Joy of Moving programme. The summer holidays are the perfect opportunity to put this into action, encouraging healthy habits for the future, and we’d love to know how you get on – tweet us @FerreroUK.

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