Why we are going coconuts for the new Kinder Bueno!

Why we are going coconuts for the new Kinder Bueno!

This summer, Ferrero is bringing a twist on the original Kinder Bueno with the launch of a coconut variant. Joining the mouth-watering Classic, White and Dark range, Kinder Bueno Coconut will launch as a special edition reflecting the rise in popularity of the exotic ingredient.

Combining the crispy, creamy goodness that Bueno fans know and love, with a covering of white chocolate and coconut milk, and a dusting of coconut flakes, the limited edition Kinder Bueno Coconut brings a touch of tropical to the everyday.

The new coconut variant is perfect as a summer treat and, since all Buenos come in individually wrapped pairs of four pods, you can get that irresistible taste anytime throughout the day or even share it with your best friend.

162.7 million bars of delicious Kinder Bueno have been sold to date, and with the summer on our doorstep we’re sure that Kinder Bueno Coconut will fast become a firm favourite!