Glocal Care in UK and Ireland

Kinder+Sport in the UK

Kinder + Sport is an international Ferrero CSR project that aims to bring joy of movement into the life of every child.
As a responsible company, Ferrero has three core nutritional principles that underpin everything we do. Ferrero believes that a balanced and varied diet combined with small portion sizes and physically active lifestyles are important.

In the UK, the project began in 2013 and is unbranded.
Our flagship project is Joy of Moving Move & Learn, a national school project for children aged 9-10, which prioritises areas with the lowest levels of childhood activity. Developed in partnership with the English Football League Trust, Scottish Professional Football League Trust and the Football Association of Ireland, the non- branded initiative is delivered over the course of six weeks and developed in association with experts.

Children spend 45 minutes in the classroom learning about the body, nutrition and the importance of exercise, then 45 minutes enjoying physical exercise in the form of football, dodgeball or handball.

Ferrero & Community

In addition to our core programme, we have supported, in partnership with the EFL Trust, the + Sport Kids cup and Girls cup and for older children the + Sport Futsal Cup, which accumulated with finals at Wembley.

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